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Something To Read

4 Workout Rule I Follow To Look and Feel My Best

“My entire approach to working out can be summed up in four rules:

  • choose consistency over intensity
  • remember that ego is the enemy
  • make progress every week
  • do fun stuff

These rules have adapted over time as I’ve gotten more experienced in the gym, and as I’ve grown older and shifted my priorities.”

Something To Listen To

The Road To Character

“We often lament the loss of good character in our society. There’s a sense that our leaders and even members of our community can’t be trusted to do the right thing and are only out for themselves, the collective good be damned. Why does this sense of moral anomie exist? And what can we do about it?”

Something To Eat

How To Make The Best Breakfast Sandwich with Crispy Corned Beef

Something To Drink

Scotia Scotch Ale from Bosque Brewing 

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Offset KB Complex