Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong: A Fitness Philosophy

I was listening to the song “Run Wild” by the Australian duo “For King and Country” and realized this song sums up my fitness philosophy better than anything I’ve heard.

Run Wild

Working out should give us confidence in our physical abilities and allow us to experience as many things as possible outside of the gym.

Live Free

Working out should lead us to be able to do everyday tasks without assistance.  It should make us more self-reliant.

Love Strong

Working out carries a weight with it (no pun intended). It’s our duty to not be selfish with our physical strength.  We need to use our strength to help those who can’t help themselves.  We need to use our physical abilities to make the world a better place.

Fitness is much more than how we look or what we can do in the gym.  Fitness is a way of making life more enjoyable, ourselves more capable, and the world a better place.

Now let’s go out and run wild, live free, love strong.