Lean Made Simple

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Losing body fat doesn’t have to be complicated. In Lean Made Simple, Slade Jones tells you exactly what you need to do to lose fat and keep it off.  Legendary strength coach, Dan John, tested and completed the program and here’s what he had to say in his foreword…

“I don’t remember NOT knowing Slade Jones. For the past few years, between phone calls, coffee, texts and breakfasts, Slade and I have had this ongoing conversation about all things health, fitness, longevity and performance related.

To say that Slade is “enthusiastic” is like saying that fire is hot or snow is cold. Well, of course, it is! Slade asks questions until the waiter turns off the lights. Slade focuses on a problem until every possible solution has been tried, assessed and implemented.

You can see Slade’s vision in “Lean Made Simple.” Yes, it is simple, but it is a compilation of hours and hours of discernment and fieldwork that will seem, well, too simple!

I followed Slade’s simple workout template. I came away, as promised, leaner but I suddenly appreciated some wisdom I had heard, but never really understood:

“A training session should leave you feeling better than when you arrived.”

I felt better the rest of the day after LMS. I looked better. And, as one of my interns noted, “Hey, you have abs.”

For a 59-year-old, “Hey, you have abs” is high praise.

LMS is a simple approach to body composition, yes, but it also answers the ongoing riddle of maintaining improvements. Any and all programs can change body composition to some degree, but keeping the changes (and the momentum) is the philosopher’s stone, elixir of life, and the Fountain of Youth. Slade’s insights on keeping the improvements is eye opening. And, I really enjoyed the story of seeking treasure as it does remind me of one of my core statements:

“It’s the road, not the inn.” (Cervantes)

Within the pages of this volume, you will find the answer to body composition changes. And, yes, in some cases, you already know it. Slade adds to what you know and then gives you methods to apply this knowledge. Knowledge without application in the areas of physical and physique is useless.

Enjoy this book. Learn from Slade and apply these simple tools.

As I was told by discus world record holder, John Powell, years ago:

It’s simple. Not easy.”

-Dan John
Internationally Recognized Strength Coach, Author and Presenter

Further Praise for Lean Made Simple

“I had always been interested in competing in a bikini fitness competition.  My goal was to compete but never to place.  I was so surprised when I placed 1st in my division.  I felt like all my hard work paid off.” 


-Angie Rael

“Lean Made Simple is a great and simple guide to training. It really gets at the essence of effective eating and working out. This is an eBook everyone should have.”


-Pat Flynn, Author and Strength Coach

“My life has been transformed. My diet has improved tremendously and now I actually look forward to training.  I went from having no muscle definition to people now stopping me in the store to compliment me on my muscle definition.” 


-Amanda Feist