Starting Strength: A Simple Method to Getting Stronger

Starting Strength is a tried and true barbell strength program created by strength coach extraordinaire, Mark Rippetoe.  On Starting Strength you will focus on five movements, the big three (squat, bench press, and deadlift) as well as the overhead press and power clean. You will train 3 times per week; initially following a linear progression, meaning you will add 5 to 10lbs to the barbell each workout.  You will continue doing this until you reach a plateau, at which point you will switch to an intermediate program provided by Coach Rippetoe.

Personally, I have been following the program with great success in preparation for my first powerlifting meet in two years.  And, there are three main reasons I think anyone who wants to get stronger should follow it…

  1. It’s simple to follow.  You don’t need much equipment or time.  And, you only focus on five movements which definitely simplifies your time in the gym.
  2. You work your whole body every workout.  This is not only great for gaining strength, but also for gaining muscle as well.
  3. You ignore the fluff and focus on the essentials.   This means you will get results if you follow the program as laid out.

If one of your goals for 2017 was to get stronger than I highly recommend you give Starting Strength a try.  It’s time to stop jumping from program to program.  2017 is the year to take action on a program that is proven to work.


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