Why You Need a Morning Routine

Starting your day off right will go a long way in making sure you have a successful rest of your day.

All it takes is  a little bit of thought and some discipline.  If you follow these five steps you can go from surviving in the morning to thriving in the morning.

Step 1: Wake Up

When your alarm goes off, get up.  Don’t hit snooze or lie around.

Step 2:  Drink Water

Have a glass of water on your nightstand and drink it when you wake up.

Step 3 (Optional, but highly recommended): Take a Cold Shower

This will energize you and wake you up.

Step 4: Get Ready

Get dressed and do whatever you need to do to get ready for your day.

Step 5: Have a Healthy Breakfast

This could consist of a smoothie, eggs and fruit, or just coffee (my personal preference).

Mornings are powerful.  They can put us on the path to transforming our lives if we take advantage of them.

Use them wisely.

P.S. It doesn’t matter if you wake up at 4am or 10am, what matters is what you choose to do after you wake up.

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